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Real Estate Support | Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia


When considering a real estate brokerage, one of the questions you should ask is what support will you receive as an agent? In my experience of interviewing hundreds of individuals considering a real estate career, this topic tops the list of importance to the prospective agent.

At Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia, the onsite leaders, known as Team Leaders, are all licensed individuals. Though licensed, the Team Leaders of Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia do not practice real estate. The primary role of the Team Leader is to grow the office and to grow the agents through consultation and training. The current Team Leaders, Diane Flicker, Jeremy Williams and Terri Toman have all had successful businesses, and are focused on creating an environment that promotes success through continued education and support.

In addition to the support provided by the leadership, the Agent Leadership Council, comprised of agents in the top 20%, also plays a role in supporting the growth and culture of the company. Often times ALC members will step in to help agents with questions about transactions or business growth strategies. This act of the ALC is driven by both company culture and the profit share model. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

The staff also play a critical role in agent support. Our compliance director, Mary Ann Hayes, reviews contracts that have been submitted through the paperless system by agents. Mary Ann provides the extra set of eyes on a contract to make sure agents are in compliance with their paperwork. When interviewing companies, would that particular brokerage have someone that reviews every contract.

Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia also has two full-time Market Center Administrators on staff to handle office billing, agent billing and the issuance of disbursement authorizations. Being a paperless company, once contracts have passed through compliance, the Market Center Administrators issue Commission Disbursement Authorizations so that the agent can be paid directly at closing their portion of the earned commission. The current Market Center Administrators with KW The Woodlands and Magnolia are Chris Webster and Sherry DiDonato.

In addition, Andrea Castillo, Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia’s Agent Services person, assists agents with paperwork regarding affiliation with the brokerage, agent orientation and general office and calendar related information. Andrea’s office is located out in the open hallway making her accessible to the agents.

Our market center and business centers (Sterling Ridge and Magnolia) also have the finest full-time receptionist including Roxanne Redmond, Anthony Trahan and Mary Ann Hayes. Krysta Saul, Adminstrative Assistant to Jeremy Williams and Diane Flicker, provides support across many aspects of the day to day business regarding company growth.

When interviewing make sure you ask, who will be able to help me? Agents of Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia also have laminated ‘Go To’ cards provided upon joining. This card has every cell phone number and email address from the Team Leaders, to the General Manager (Michael Clapp), and the owners of the office. Our value proposition as an office is to be available to our real estate agents.

If the person sharing with you about their particular brokerage is in production, the question I would follow up with is who will help me? Will you have time to help me? Can I rely on you when I have a contract question? Being in production as a sales agent earlier in my career, I can share with you that running a successful real estate business and committing time to grow other agents businesses is not possible. It is the division of attention between two totally different aspects of the real estate business. It is the thought “a master of all is the master of none”. This is why Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia has made the decision that their Team Leaders are not in production. This commitment provides the opportunity for Team Leaders to have a powerful impact in both growth of the company and growth of the agents.

For more information about joining a real estate brokerage that provides agent support, contact Jeremy Williams, Assistant Team Leader of Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia at 281-364-4871 or email jeremyw@kw.com.

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