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  1. On the MUD Disclosure there is a place to list the ETJ of a City that the property lies within.  Many of you are allowing the software program you’re using to insert the city name of the properties street address.  90% of the time this is incorrect.  New Caney, Porter, Spring and others are NOT CITIES!  Most of the time the correct city is Houston, but on Tempo there is an ETJ map that will correctly give you the ETJ of the property in question.  I’m going to start kicking these back!!!! 
  2. On the contract when you describe the Title Company that will be used as the Escrow Agent, several are putting an Escrow Officer’s name in the place of the Escrow Agent.  The Title Company is the Escrow Agent – not the person who works for them.  PLEASE STOP.  These contracts will be kicked back also… 
  3. Buyer’s Walk-thru and Inspection form DOES NOT suffice as a Waiver of Inspection.  All closed files on improved property must have an inspection report purchased by the buyer or a Waiver of Inspection.  This includes not only the structural report but the Wood Destroying Insect report (termite).  Please make sure you’re uploading BOTH!

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