Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia is a Learning Based Company

Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia

One of the unique value propositions of Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia is that we are dedicated to being a learning based real estate brokerage. Training with our company is not just you going through a “boot camp”, and based on that experience you are able to go out and conquer and succeed in the industry.

Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia offers foundational training with the Ignite program (how to lead generate and utilize eEdge technology to leverage and maximize your business, how to conduct an indepth buyer’s consultation, what is the process of making and negotiating buyer offers, what is the steps to a powerful pre-listing and listing presentation to secure real estate listings, how to price appropriately in the market to achieve the sale for the client, how to set and chunk down your personal and business goals utilizing the 4-1-1 planning tool, and how to maximize and take control of time management in your business). Ignite is designed to be a foundation for your business if you are new to the industry, and Ignite is designed as a refresher course and gives experienced Realtors new ideas to implement in their businesses.

Outside of the Ignite training, you as a Realtor with Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia will also role play a listing presentation, learn how to develop passive income through the profit share model, sit for observation on how to maximize the opportunities of the property desk, observe and Agent Leadership Council meeting (Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia is an agent driven company as opposed to a broker/management driven company), participate in interactive contracts classes, gain knowledge of the various loan programs and the loan process to assist your buyer clients in making the best financial decision possible in their purchase, walk through the process of escrow to close with a title company, and you will be trained on the latest real estate technologies including how to use eEdge (eEdge is a complete transaction management tool including web-based lead capture, pre-designed email driven marketing campaigns branded with your information, online contract management solution allowing for your clients to sign documents through their email accounts, your personal web-based contact management system, and the ability to set up action plans with your clients and customers).

Training beyond our foundational courses include advanced contracts classes, how to utilize social media in your real estate business (YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging), how to build a real estate team (RSTLM), think like an appraiser, an inspection class, and more. Regional training including Buyer Master and Seller Mastery are also opportunities to assist you in growing a BIG real estate business. The MAPS program brings BOLD and BOLD Tech to the region. These are high level courses that help you break through your performance ceiling. Network and get high level training by attending both MAPS Coaching Mega Camp in Austin every September and Keller Williams Family Reunion (Family Reunion moves to a different location in the country each year). Where ever you would like to go in your business, Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia has you covered. Gary Keller says, “Keller Williams is a real estate company disguised as a training and consulting company.” Watch the video below to hear Gary Keller tell the story of Keller Williams.

For more information on how you can take advantage of this business growing training, contact Jeremy Williams, Assistant Team Leader of Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia at 832-510-3935 or email Hear from team leaders of Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia in the video below, Diane Flicker and Jeremy Williams share what makes our company a great place to start a real estate business.

Hear from our agents why they made the decision to join Keller Williams The Woodlands and Magnolia.

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