More and More Agents Get BOLD About Their Businesses

BOLD is just around the corner, and almost 1/3 of our agents have made the commitment to attend the first step of BOLD.

The reason you hear me and the company push for you to attend BOLD is that the production numbers from attendees overall are staggering for those who really get involved during BOLD and change their way of thinking. Right now nationally agents are averaging 12 transactions attributed to what they have learned in BOLD. The greatest success stories in this business realize that you have to change your thinking and stop doing things the same old way that you’ve been doing it. Some key BOLD laws are:

“Do what you have always done and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten!”
“Don’t mistake movement for achievement!”
“Your business grows to the extent that you do!”

You have to change your mind set on lead generation, phone calling your sphere and looking for different forms of business. I think many agents are more scared of the controlled lead generation environment than they are of the cost but have not admitted that to themselves. Some of you have stated that you don’t want to focus on FSBO’s or Expired’s. Then don’t …. BOLD will teach you how to effectively call your personal database better with wonderful scripts and dialogue and change the way you approach your business and goals.

As some of you may know I have now completed three BOLD sessions. It is amazing how much clarity and focus you get each time you take a powerful course like this again because you zero in on what you want and need out of your business to succeed at a high level. For those that have taken BOLD before, anticipate a new experience with BOLD being rewritten for 2013.

This is an amazing course in that it looks at your mindset and how you approach your real estate career. Over seven weeks, BOLD conditions agents with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, business-building strategies and live lead generation activities as well as providing phenomenal scripts and dialogue, tools and affirmations to get you through the tough calls you know we have to make in our business. We know for a fact that agents that go through the BOLD course get in to productivity faster and make more money than those who don’t. Each year the productivity results from those who go through BOLD are staggering.

Will we soon see your name on this list…call Krysta Saul at the front desk, 281-364-1588 to register today for the 1st Step to BOLD.

Tere Angarita
Janice Barron
Crysti Bellamy
Craig Bellamy
Robin Bilby
Denise Brantley
Janell Callihan
Cecil Callihan
Amber Crawford
Eric Depoy
Carol Drake
Eric Edwards
Chris Elmi
Luis Esparza
Diane Flicker
Oleta Forse
Michelle Garza
Lauren Gifford
Gary Giles
Susan Gonzalez
Luis-Pablo Grijalva
Patricia Grijalva
Amanda Hissey
Leslie Hitt
Jodi Ingram
Margaret Iserman
Kip Kelso
Teresa Kennedy
Diane Kink
Astrid Kurkoski
Nina Marino
Kim Martinez
Brian Mathieson
Wendy McFarland
Kathleen Merchant
Tanna Morris
Carla Pasos
Alma Pimentel
Christina Potosnak
Rick Raanes
Vanessa Raanes
Amy Retberg
Michael Rodriguez
Mary Rosen
Betsy Russell
Wyatt Scholwinski
Kathy Sexton
Cat Slussler
Jeanette Solis
Tina Marie Spataro-Eid
Becca Theiss
Terri Toman
Mandy Troutman
Rachel Whiteside
Jeremy Williams
Amanda Wisner
Shelly Ybarra
Margaret Iserman
Amanda Enriquez
Angela Lawson
Angelica Mendez
Lauren Macicek
Ali Winford
Mary Rosen
Gayle Smith
Steve Smith
Jerry Smith
Denise Catala
Aletha Duncan
JoJo Adamson
Brenda Acra
Josefina Oviedo
Robert Delaneo
Kirby Leonard
Patti Leonard
Carol Hawthorne
Cathy Gunderman
Caroline Morrison

Is your name not on the list? Be BOLD. Register by contacting Krysta Saul today.

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